di Ivan Quaroni

"Skygolpe is identity. Skygolpe is the void. His work explores their juxtaposition, along with the physical and digital existence of the body." That is the succinct and enigmatic statement with which one of the most famous Italian crypto artists introduces himself on Artifex, one of the many marketplaces that host his works. Passionate about philosophy and with an experience of collaboration with Stix, a famous English street artist, after his return to Italy following six years in London, Skygolpe has created paintings, photographs, installations, and digital works. Before the explosion of NFT, his work was characterized by a conceptual matrix, an element that also distinguishes his crypto works, although with a new attitude, which pushes him to investigate the contrasts and polarities that characterize contemporary society. The name he has chosen, Skygolpe, is a reflection of this interest in heteroclite elements, such as the bizarre crasis between the concept of a coup d'état and the image of the sky. 

The portrait, or rather the shape of the human face, constitutes the iconographic motif of all his research, a cognitive and aesthetic perimeter within which he unravels his investigation into the relationship between identity and alienation, but also between the physical and virtual dimensions. This anonymous silhouette, obsessively repeated, becomes the container of a plethora of frictions, encounters, stylistic collisions among the most varied, which pulverize the idea of developing a coherent language so dear to traditional art. Skygolpe's work contains a multitude of visual grammars, a babel of graphic vocabularies that are declined, also through his numerous collaborations with artists of all kinds and backgrounds, in an encyclopedic registry of styles, which revolves around the symbolic image of a fragile humanity, in constant search of its own permanent center of gravity.

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