Niro Perrone

di Ivan Quaroni

Aretino, born in 1985, Niro Perrone discovered the world of NFT in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic crisis, when he started to draw stories for his children. Before, he worked in the music industry as a producer and DJ, releasing singles and EPs with independent labels. His drawings began as narrative flashes inspired by the events of his daily life but soon became works when he switched from pencil to graphic tablet. Having become a full-time occupation, Niro Perrone's works posted on Instagram began to circulate online. Then, with the explosion of crypto art, he created his first NFTs, characterized by a style reminiscent of the so-called "Clear Line of French" comics of the 1980s. Authors such as Moebius and Jacques Tardi come to mind, especially for the cleanliness and clarity of the outlines with which Perrone gives shape to his narrations. These are fantastic stories populated by hybrid characters, chimeras, and monsters characterized, however, by a lively range of colors, which dilutes the content, sometimes dramatic, of his creations. Within this kaleidoscopic crowding of figures, projection of a universe both cheerful and neurotic, there are sometimes recognizable characters, as in the case of Vicious Murphy, in which we recognize a lewd RoboCop intent on masturbating an electronic device of Omni Consumer Product, the imaginary multinational manufacturer of cyborgs in the popular film by Paul Verhoven.

Vicious Murphy