Nicola Caredda

di Ivan Quaroni

Born in Cagliari in 1981 and trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari, Nicola Caredda is a visionary painter whose style blends pop surrealist influences and dystopian suggestions. Therefore, the leap from painting to NFT takes place under the sign of post-apocalyptic imagery that transfers the atmosphere of metaphysical suspension of dechirichian Enigmas in a Planet Earth devastated by the rubble and debris of the post-modern era. His landscapes show what remains after the ecological hecatomb, an uninhabited and silent globe studded with industrial ruins, skeletal architecture, and melancholic relics of consumer society. These nocturnal visions tell of the end of the Anthropocene, the current geological era dominated by human activities, which, according to the predictions of biologist Eugene F. Stoermer, are the leading cause of the environmental, structural, and climatic modifications of our ecosystem. Caredda provides us with a holographic image, a convincing foreshadowing of the end of the world where, however, traces and signs of Italian identity survive in the finds of Catholic iconography or the graffiti painted on the concrete walls of an endless urban periphery.

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