Giò Roman

di Ivan Quaroni

Born in 1987 in Galatina, Giovanni Romano, aka Gio' Roman, has a degree in Economics and Marketing. He came to art later, self-taught, in 2017, creating a series of works that tell love stories projected in futuristic urban scenarios, which refer, almost classically, to the nocturnal settings of Blade Runner. His work, entitled Forever, dedicated to Koby Bryant and his daughter, has gone worldwide. Shared on social media by Alicia Keys and reproduced on a t-shirt worn by the popular American comedian Leasly Jones during the Late Night Set, the work represents the American basketball star while accompanying his daughter in an aerial dunk against the backdrop of a romantic sunset sky. Not all of his works, however, reveal a lyrical streak. The work Provocation, for example, introduces us into the meanders of a negative utopia, in which the ruin of traditional art, represented by the masterpieces of Leonardo, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Munch scattered on the floor of the vault, corresponds to the collapse of blockchain and NFT, symbolized by the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum and the icons of Cryptopunk.