Andrea Chiampo

di Ivan Quaroni

Andrea Chiampo è nato a Vicenza nel 1991. Ha studiato Disegno Industriale presso lo IAAD di Torino e dopo aver lavorato come Product designer è passato all’Entertainment Design con produzioni in ambito cinematografico, come quelle con 20th Century Fox, Netflix, MPC e The Mill. Attualmente lavora a Londra come Concept Artist presso la Disney – Industrial Light and Magic. 

Andrea Chiampo was born in Vicenza in 1991. He studied Industrial Design at the IAAD in Turin, and after working as a product designer, he switched to Entertainment Design with productions in the film industry, such as those with 20th Century Fox, Netflix, MPC, and The Mill. He currently works in London as Concept Artist at Disney - Industrial Light and Magic. Growing up in a family of antiquarians, surrounded by antique prints, sculptures, and works of art, Chiampo has developed a strong aesthetic sensitivity that shines through not only in his commercial works but especially in his NFTs. They are, in fact, works that explore the unconscious through the creation of surreal environments, built as complexes of caves and tunnels formed by millenary rocks. Scattered in these mineralized landscapes, which seem almost made of graphite, appear skeletons, skulls, and bone debris that refer to a sort of giant memento mori. Chiampo's digital style recalls that of engravings, but with the traditional themes of Vanitas and Melancholia transferred to an alien and post-apocalyptic dimension. Skilled in the rendering of translucency, texturing, and lighting effects, Chiampo has succeeded in constructing a visual language capable of investigating the dark side of man. His works, especially those of the series entitled "Futured Past," give body and image to a range of obsessions, fears, and hallucinations that have existed in the human spirit since ancient times.